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What if a new way of investing could change your life forever?

It sounds like a true investor fantasy. However, this fantasy can be a reality with Bitcoin.

Chances are that you’ve heard many people criticize Bitcoin. This leaves investors wondering if it will stick around or it’s simply going to disappear one day.

Keep reading for more about why you should buy Bitcoin and why it’s here to stay!

Who Thinks You Shouldn’t Buy Bitcoin?

Plenty of people like to say (and very loudly) that Bitcoin is a bad idea. It’s important that you pay attention to who is actually making such claims.

The harshest criticism usually comes from traditional banks such as JP Morgan. JP Morgan’s CEO recently said Bitcoin is “not a real thing” and threatened to fire any employees trading with Bitcoins.

The truth is that Bitcoin is a revolution. It’s an entirely new approach to buying and investing money. And this can be bad news for very traditional banks like JP Morgan.

Keep in mind that these banks are more worried about their own bottom line than yours. And you shouldn’t let their fear keep you from changing your life.

Read on to discover seven reasons that Bitcoin is here to stay!


For an investor, the big question about whether to buy Bitcoin is simple. What advantage does it have over other forms of investing?

One simple advantage that’s actually a big deal is that Bitcoin is effectively inflation proof. This is because Bitcoin will never produce more currency than actual worth, like when a traditional bank produces too much paper money.

And there’s no need to inflate value anyway. The lack of extra cost for third-party transactions means Bitcoin has new investors every single day!

It’s Transparent

Many investors are nervous about Bitcoin because they vividly remember the market crashing back in 2008. This leads to concerns about how transparent all of these complex things really are.

Ironically, Bitcoin was created in response to that same market crash. And that is why it is fully transparent due to the blockchain.

The blockchain records every single Bitcoin transaction, no matter how small it was. And best of all, every user can easily view this blockchain.

If you’re thinking about investing in Bitcoin, it’s great that you can research the blockchain. It gives you peace of mind about the currency and lets you understand annual fluctuations in the market!

Compatible Innovation

One of the marks of a good innovation is how compatible it is with users. This compatibility is determined by your familiarity with related ideas and inventions.

The first cell phones were a compatible innovation because users were already familiar with telephones. And smartphones were compatible because they condensed different computer applications into one device.

Bitcoin is a very compatible innovation. It follows many of the basics of investing and can be utilized by anyone who has a smartphone.

This means Bitcoin will be around because it is easy to access and is not a difficult concept for most users.

Hard to Shut Down

Because Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, some users fear it will eventually be shut down by the federal government. After all, why wouldn’t they shut down something that threatens the existing form of currency?

However, it’s difficult to shut down for many different reasons. One reason is that the underlying technology (such as blockchains) has become popular for many different reasons.

Another thing making Bitcoin almost impossible to shut down is that it is decentralized. That’s kind of the whole point: it is not like a physical bank that can be seized and shut down.

Between its growing popularity and its decentralized design, we’re confident Bitcoin will be around for many, many years.

Easy to Try

The hallmark of any good innovation is how easy it is for first-time users. The iPhone is a good example of this. It’s a complicated device with much potential, but it can also be operated and explored by a small child.

Bitcoin is a lot like this in many ways. It’s true that there is much that any hardcore investor will need to research before diving all the way in. However, it’s very friendly to newbies looking to buy Bitcoin.

In short, there are countless exchanges that allow you to invest small amounts, and a growing number of digital currency ATMs making it easy to retrieve money. You can start investing for a small amount tomorrow and retrieve your money worldwide!

The Most Famous Cryptocurrency

One surprising development over the years is the rise of different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin went from being the only choice for most users to simply being one option in a sea of currencies.

Because of this, some users are skeptical about Bitcoin sticking around. After all, who is to say that some other cryptocurrency won’t become the one to beat tomorrow?

Ultimately, Bitcoin is the currency with brand name recognition. Think of it this way: there are new sodas invented every year, but Coca-Cola is still the one that everyone has heard of.

Bitcoin’s growing popularity means more people invest every day. That will help it win this war of the cryptocurrencies.

Worldwide Expansion

Many users look at Bitcoin as simply one of many choices. However, Bitcoin has the potential to go global in unexpected ways.

Some small countries have very undeveloped banking systems. Similarly, some governments are unstable and their forms of currency untrustworthy.

In both cases, Bitcoin could become the most stable and reliable form of banking. Isn’t it time you got in on this global action?

The Bottom Line

You’re ready to buy Bitcoin and see how much you can grow your wealth. However, chances are that you don’t know where to start.

Here at Bitcoin Safes, we are the ultimate authority when it comes to Bitcoin wallet. We help everyone from newbies investors to seasoned pros transform their lives with good investments.

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