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By the end of 2017 the value of bitcoin, the worlds leading cryptocurrency solution, reached over $10,000. That represents more than 800% increase from its value at the start of 2017. It’s easy to see why so many people look at bitcoin from an investment perspective.

Unlike some other investment opportunities, bitcoin has no real physical value. Its status as a permanently digital asset can leave some would-be investors scratching their heads in wonderment. Without physical value, how could you actually use bitcoin if you wanted to do more than just flip it for profit?

As it turns out, there are lots of international purchases you can make with bitcoin. That includes your next international vacation!

If you’ve been thinking about the future of cryptocurrency and if you should take the plunge, don’t worry. We’ve got four great tips that prove anyone can use bitcoin, even for their travel needs. Keep scrolling to read more.

Planning Ahead

As with any travel plans, the first thing you want to do when you’re traveling on bitcoin is to plan ahead. Instead of using conventional travel sites to help you plan your itinerary, you’ll want to use bitcoin travel sites instead.

The truth is you won’t find bitcoin accepted at every hotel or travel agency you might be thinking about traveling with. There are websites you can use that won’t just help you book your stay but circumvent transaction fees and currency conversions too.

Need to book your airfare on major airlines like Delta, American, or South West? You can do that with bitcoin. If you’re in the market for Virgin Galactic’s spacetravel expeditions you can even book your seat on future shuttles using bitcoin.

Major airline websites may not allow you pay them directly via bitcoin yet. There are still more than a few easy workarounds and third-party sites that offer fast transactions and payment security.

Your rental cars, hotel, and even spending through Bitcoin ATMs are possible to make international purchases and travel a breeze.

Connect With The Community

As we’ve discussed, not all travel partners or merchants may accept bitcoin directly as you’re planning your next adventure. Connecting with the local bitcoin community in your destination of choice can be a valuable resource.

Social media groups and online web pages may offer you the opportunity to connect with fellow bitcoin users. They can help provide advice and guidance if you find yourself in a city where paying with bitcoin is more difficult than others.

Not sure how to pay for something? Where the nearest Bitcoin ATM is? Why bitcoin might be the best option for your international purchases? These online forums can help guide the way.

Safeguard Your Currency

International travelers should take special care to protect their bitcoin information. You may think keeping all of your cryptocurrency credentials on your phone is the smartest way to go. Travel experts recommend going one step further and investing in a special kind of “wallet” to make sure you don’t get caught off guard while you’re trying to see the world.

Just because you can store your bitcoins on a smartphone or other personal use technology doesn’t mean you should!

Hardware wallets are an important investment for bitcoin users. Especially when you’re traveling with bitcoin as your primary source of payment. By working as your dedicated interface with the bitcoin network, these hardware wallets connect you to your virtual bitcoin bank account. This makes managing your assets, transferring the currency and protecting your funds as simple as possible.

There are multiple options for hardware wallets to help make international purchasing easier while you’re traveling abroad. This includes options that special backup codes and remote erase features in case the device is lost or stolen. Can you traditional wallet do that?

If you’re worried about security or privacy when it comes to traveling with and spending bitcoin, investing in a digital wallet is the way to go!

Expect The Unexpected

Just like you would with any travel plans, it’s important to expect the unexpected as best as possible when traveling with bitcoin. You may find Bitcoin ATMs scattered across the globe. Still, their reliance on internet connectivity means you shouldn’t always expect the one you need to be working.

On the other hand, you might find yourself in a place where bitcoin trades at a higher rate than when you’re from originally. This would make selling even more advantageous.

You may also want to ensure that you’ve prepurchased as much bitcoin for your travels as you’re going to need. In some cases, the transfer rates between buying bitcoin and having those funds available for use can take longer than simply moving conventional currency from one account to another. Planning ahead can help you avoid finding your self strapped for crypto-cash.

New digital solutions are working to make buying bitcoin even easier (and faster). Research these options in advance to make sure you know exactly how long it might take if you needed to purchase more bitcoin during your travels.

International Purchases With Bitcoin

Don’t let the idea of investing in bitcoin – or actually using it for purchases – scare you!

As we’ve shown, traveling the world with bitcoin and using it to fund your international purchases don’t have to be complicated. There are more than enough digital and physical retailers accepting it today to make international travel easy.

Even better, unlike conventional currency bitcoin offers an added layer of protection. It does this by not having to worry if you’re traveling with too much cash, your wallet gets stolen, or those pesky transaction fees.

If you’re investing in bitcoin – make sure you’re using it too! At Bitcoin Safes, we offer the hardware wallets you need to make sure your money is protected and available for use. There are plenty of benefits for buying with bitcoin, now it’s time to put them to task. Visit us online today to learn more.